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Senior Living University’s administrator and department head manuals are “go to” guides for preparing for a management career in assisted living.  They are also an invaluable reference tool for experienced leaders.


Senior Living University Management Library for Executive Directors (Administrator Level One) and Senior Living University Leadership, Management and Operations (Administrator Level Two) are comprehensive guides to the management of an assisted living community from long-term planning and budgeting to the day-to-day operations.  They also provide valuable insight on leadership and team building. 

Department Management: 

Senior Living University’s learning guides for managers provide important insight and understanding to key roles within assisted living communities. As individuals are promoted from within or assigned new challenges, they need additional understanding and ideas for enhancing their prominent roles.


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Senior Living University Management 


We are able to incorporate the training for new hires, continuing education, and for long-term professionals. The information can be used for all levels of experience.

            - Kelly H., Manager 


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